Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Sade Oshoba – Angeli Ori’le


Sade Oshoba releases a brand new single titled Angeli Ori’le off her new album Awesome Praise Season 2.
Angeli Ori’le is inspired by the scriptures that says God made man a little lower than the angels, Psalms 8:5. So we are angels on earth meant to fulfill God’s purposes. With this understanding, we are to treat one another good and not recreate ourselves in the name of Fashion. It preaches against nudity and indecent dresses because one day we will all give account to God.
Sade Oshoba is a seasoned praise and worship leader who is naturally imbued with the unflinching passion for the restoration of hope of the broken-hearted through soul lifting and destiny reshaping songs. Her second album, “Awesome Praise 2” with 9 tracks is a blend of Jazz, Soul, Apala Sensation, and Unlimited Praise, a multi – lingua praise in Nigeria languages has earned her an award as a Youth Ambassador for Peace.
Expect more single releases from Sade Oshoba in the coming weeks.